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Standard dynamic diagram of taking off protective clothing · Take off the protective clothing to the rear and roll up the protective clothing. The action is light and slow to avoid shaking in the whole process. Take off the inner gloves, shoe covers and boot covers together. 08. Hand hygiene. Enter potentially contaminated

Steps to take off personal protective equipment (‎PPE · Steps to take off personal protective equipment (‎PPE)‎ including coverall. 28 January 2015 | Technical document. Download (719.9 kB) Overview Posters with

Do you know the correct way to put on and take off Pull the hat up and back first to get the head out of the hat, and then take off the sleeves of the hands Take off the whole protective clothing from top to bottom, and roll it off while taking off. 4. Take off the protective clothing, take off the outer contaminated surface and put it in a waste bag for centralized treatment. Share : PREV