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Dr. Sweat | Solutions for Excessive SweatingClinically-Proven 7 Day Sweat Protection. If you’re looking to reduce excessive sweating, you're probably on the look out for the best antiperspirant deodorant you can find. That's why we're creating Dr. Sweat Clinical Strength

What Doctor Should You See For Hyperhidrosis?Depending on the severity of your sweating, your doctor may also order tests. Standard sweat tests include: Lab tests: Your doctor may order blood tests to check for secondary

[PDF]A Review of Gaps and Limitations in Test Methods for  · protective clothing and equipment. This approach fails to take into account design issues that have a significant impact on wearer acceptability. Advanced instrumented manikin tests for comfort (sweating manikin), thermal protection (thermal manikin), and aerosol/ liquids penetration can be applied to full ensembles.