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Why do food handlers wear protective clothing? - Answers · Copy. This is done to protect Food from being contaminated. There are bacteria everywhere on our hands, our hairs etc.. protective clothing such as hair net, masks etc. are means to prevent

'The Crown' costumes: Recreating the royal family's  · It took costumers seven weeks to recreate the dress, costing a total of £30,000 ($39,000). Meghan spotlights ethical fashion brands during southern Africa tour. "The Crown"

Modern Court dress - Courts and Tribunals JudiciaryCourt of Appeal and High Court Judges no longer wear wigs, wing collars and bands when sitting in open court in civil and family proceedings; the new civil robe is worn. Circuit Judges, in

Prince Charles Is Now King: Why He Can't Wear the Crown  · It's a long period of mourning." Although at various points there has been speculation that Charles, 73, might step aside to allow his son, Prince William, 40, to take the reins, there : Simon Perry

Why doesn't the Queen wear the Scottish crown jewels? · 03/07/11 - 12:48 #24. One of the reasons she may not wear the crown, is that when the Scottish Parliament was set up, they decided not to go down the "pomp" route with the Speaker wearing robes etc. It's a modern Parliament and all that palaver has no place in it. welwynrose Posts: 33,666. Forum Member.

Why isn't King Charles wearing a crown on the new 50p  · Members of the public react to the new coins. Dani Sinha reports. A new 50p coin carrying King Charles' portrait is set to enter circulation within weeks, following the death of the