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New testing standards for motorcycle clothing – FEMA · The first part of the European Standard (EN 17092-1:2020) describes some of the test methods for use with protective garments for motorcycle riders (Part 2 and later parts). The second part (EN 17092-2:2020) specifies general requirements for motorcyclists’ protective garments of Class AAA: Heavy-duty protective garments, which are intended

Motorcycle protective clothing: Are stars better  · EN 13595-2:2002 Protective clothing for professional motor cycle riders. Jackets, Motorcycle protective clothing is associated with reduced :8

Casual Protective Clothing - Motorcycle.com · Draggin' Jeans Relaxed Fit - $99.95. If you want to look a bit more "normal" while you are tumbling down the asphalt, we recomend the Draggin' Jeans. Draggin' Jeans are available in four styles, which include men's and women's classic (straight leg, $79.95 price tag), big men's classic, and the new relaxed fit version that I took for a test spin.