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go downstairsgo down the stairs_ · ,,。. go downstairs, downstairs ,go downstairs,。. go down the stairs,stairs ,down,go down the stairs : 3

go downstairs_"go downstairs"go downstairs: 1. She went downstairs with a cheerful clatter, singing .,。 2. I could hear her slow but certain footsteps going downstairs .。go

go downstairs, go downstairsgo downstairs:,go downstairs,go downstairs,,, 。 English Русский

To go down or to go downstairs | SpanishDict Answers · Example: I have to go downstairs to answer the door. ''Downstairs'' is a place or direction. If you are on the second floor and you want to go down to the first floor you go downstairs. You can still say ''I go down'' if you go down using the stairs, the lift, or a ramp. It's all the same.