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Which Industries Require Protective Clothing? - EzineArticlesThere are companies that expose workers to hazardous conditions which are potentially life threatening because these conditions may cause injuries or even death. The worker needs to

How important is protective clothing at work? - The HR Dept · Need help with your protective clothing and equipment in the workplace? So protective clothing and equipment is important in the workplace and there is a little more to it than meets :3

Do environmental protection departments need to wear Protective Equipment for Working with Animals . Departments make arrangements for PPE to be professionally laundered. NOTE : The PPE is not to be taken home. Protective garments should be left in the laboratory when work is completed or, if working with radioactive material, until monitored and found free of radioactive contamination.

19 Departments And Its Functions At A Garment Factory · 4. Pattern Making Department. In order to produce beautiful clothing patterns, factories will hire pattern masters to create garment patterns and digitize them into CAD (Computer Aided Design). The activities of this team include: Making and