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Medical protective clothing, low-voltage wards-frontline  · The "human-to-human" virus transmission mode caused the epidemic to rag and caused public panic. As the first-line medical personnel who have the most contact with people infected with the new coronavirus, they are often the "number one target" for viral infection. Medical protective clothing refers to protective clothing used by medical

Police officers on the front line of the "epidemic" war in  · China News Service, Shijiazhuang, January 11 (Xiao Guangming, Li Yang, Zhang Binghai) Zhang Yueli did not expect that the first "Chinese People's Police Day" for him and

Frontline anti-epidemic workers win kudos for grappling  · Frontline Chinese anti-epidemic workers, who are grappling with dual threats posed by a sweeping cold wave and the COVID-19 epidemic, are winning kudos from society for their arduous work.