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Main quest - The way to Damonta and rad suits - Game  · Red mentions some Rick Baychowski, who may have the Rad Suits sufficiently protective. Fortunately, Baychowski is currently being held at the Prison of the Ranger Citadel. (1988) Wasteland 2 (2014) Characters. The basics of the gameplay. The interface Dialogues Character screen and inventory Barter. Character development.

Does Clothing do anything? - Wasteland 2: Director's CutMy magic can't be beaten. Stuflames 4 years ago #4. I'd rather not. Simply pick something you like to start, and try on clothes as you come across them if you want some change. I will say that at least one event can burn all your clothing away. Beware exceptional explosions. Boards. Wasteland 2: Director's Cut.

A handful of hints, before you set out into the  · You will decrease the weight of your backpack, this way, and make combat easier. Do not worry if you had to use a valuable rocket or a big first-aid kit. You will still have plenty of opportunities of getting or buying a new one.

How to recycle PPE and protective clothing - Contego · After PPE and workwear have been stripped and streamed, fabrics are shredded and blended into new materials; plastics are washed and granulated then sent to injection moulders; metals are collected and sent to foundries to be made into new products. What would have ended up in landfill can now be made into a range of new items.

Wasteland 2 armor - Official Wasteland 3 Wiki2  · This page lists all armor in Wasteland 2. For specifics on how armor works in combat, see armor penetration. If you're looking for radiation suits, this article will help. If clothing, then this

Wasteland 2 and 3 Custom Portraits Collection - Nexus  · Nearly 1,500 Portraits for Wasteland 2 and 3. Copy the pictures from the male and female folders directly into the portrait folder for Wasteland 3. Permissions and credits Credits and distribution permission. Other user's assets Some assets in this file belong to other authors.

Newbie Question. How do I dig something up? - inXile  · Crosmando wrote:If you go back up to where you start the game, there's a shovel on the ground near the graves, take it and then go back to the place, open the inventory of whoever has shovel and click "Use" and then click on the mound and they will dig it up. yeah it's currently a bit too clicky, hopefully they make it a bit less so in future builds

Protective clothing guide, how to use protective clothingChemical Protection – ULTITEC 4000 is a fully liquid-proof protective clothing which provides an outstanding barrier against various chemicals, liquid jets and infective agents. It is applied in Petronas Malaysia which perform works at upstream oil & gas companies. Related Articles:ULTITEC 4000 Chemical & Liquid Jet Resistant Protective Clothing

Wasteland 2 clothing - Official Wasteland 3 Wiki173  · 2  · Clothing fulfills a purely aesthetic purpose: It determines how your characters look, but has no bearing on gameplay. If you're looking for armor, this article will help. If NAMEIDDESCRIPTIONTYPEBlack jeans80sNW_Legs_ABlack jeans and combat boots. A look tLegs slot clothingRed camo pants80sNW_Legs_BBlend in with the locals in these red anLegs slot clothingBaggy jeans80sNW_Legs_DThese baggy jeans will make your ass lLegs slot clothingMariachi pantsAmigo_Legs_ABlack and silver mariachi pants. Muy Legs slot clothingwasteland.fandom.com173

Tips and Tricks - Wasteland 2 Wiki Guide - IGN · Keep an eye out to loot, lockpick and safecrack the containers you find. Scrap is easy to burn through on a shopping spree, and selling extra items and junk will keep you in the

I Wish I Had Known These Wasteland 2 Tips · Wasteland 2 For every fiddly or opaque mechanic there are a dozen hours of Fallout 1/2-ish adventuring and XCOM/Shadowrun Returns-ish combat, which means there are many dozens of very fun hours. 9/10 – Dennis "Corin

Wasteland 2 items | Wasteland Wiki | Fandom · This page has information from the Wasteland 2 Beta and may not be accurate with the commercially available version. Sell value is usually 30% of cost. For weapons see Wasteland 2 weapons. For weapons mods/Weaponsmithing see Wasteland 2 weapon mods. For ammo see Wasteland 2 ammo.

12 [Expert Tips] on How to Care for Your UPF Clothing · Then wash it as soon as you can. 6. Keep your UPF garments out of direct sunlight when attempting to dry them For best results, lay your UV protective clothing out to dry or hang them. Since the fabric has weight, laying them on the surface works best to avoid stretching the fabric. 7. Avoid rough surfaces

Rad suits (Wasteland 2) | Wasteland Wiki | Fandom · Rad suits are a type of item in Wasteland 2. Radiation suits are designed to offer protection against radiation and are necessary to traverse areas that are made unliveable