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12 Best Places to Visit near Beijing - China · It is on the edge of Xilingol Grassland, about 240 kilometers (150 miles) away from Beijing. There are various scenic spots along the road such as ancient Great Wall, Huapi Ridge, Badger Ridge, Zhangbei Grassland, etc. It is easy to take beautiful pictures of the windmills, colorful wildflowers, green forests and wide farmlands along the way.

Top 10 Beijing Shopping Malls, Beijing Markets,  · 3. You Yi Shopping City (Beijing Lufthansa Center) You Yi Shopping City. Chinese name: (yàn shā yǒu yí shāng chéng). Located at the center of Yansha Commercial Zone, this

Where to buy good and cheap clothes in Beijing? · Where to buy good and cheap clothes in Beijing? I am in bijing, From Where I can buy good and cheap kinds clothes. Answers (1) Answered by Ms.Jane | Dec. 17, 2010 02:06.

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Q: Where can I buy a pollution mask in Beijing? · Chaoyang District, Beijing 100020 (010)-85950318 office . If you are concerned with pollution and your health, you should also consider testing your home. People feel like they need to protect themselves when they are outside but don't care when they're indoors, which is where you spend 90% of your time and the air can be nearly as detrimental.

Top Three Clothing Markets in Beijing - visitbeijing.com.cn · Buy them here for half-price but be geared up for bargaining hard or buy in volume. Everything is so cheap and so plentiful here!! Anywhere from 10 to 50 RMB for shirts, tops,

Best Beijing Wholesale Markets, Cheap Opened in 1994, the Flower Market, as one of the best Beijing wholesale markets, covers an area over 2,400 square meters (0.6 acres). There are also some artificial flowers sold here. Location: B8, North 3rd East Ring Road,

Where can I buy vintage clothing and accessories in  · The above links are slightly outdated now. Sure, M&M vintage is the best vintage shop in Beijing but there have been a couple of newcomers since. There's one on Wudaoying Hutong called Old News Vintage Boutique. It's on the expensive side but most of the stuff is genuine, good quality vintage from Europe.

Military Surplus clothing in Beijing - Chinese-forums.com · The Communist countries never disposed of old military stuff, they stored it "just in case". The Warsaw Pact nations had armories full of mint-condition rifles from the 1930s when Liang ban -- The Chinese equivalent of salad. Can a tall American find clothes in China?Printing Photos in BeijingXinjiang food

Shopping in Beijing: What to Buy as Souvenirs,  · To enjoy Beijing shopping, you can buy many things. Cloisonné, Ivory Carving, Jade and Lacquer are known as the four best traditional handiworks of this city. In addition, Curios, Silk, Pearls, Snuff Bottles with

Q: Anywhere in Beijing to buy Antiperspirant deodorant · The roll-on liquid crap is everywhere - Watson, grocery stores, etc. But to get the spray and stick deodorant you have to go to Walmart or Jenny Lous and Jenny's prices are outrageous. Suggest you buy 20 or more the next time you go home or a visit like I do, Report Abuse 9 years 27 weeks ago. TedDBayer.