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Negative and Positive Pressure Rooms 101 | Hospital Effective positive and negative pressure rooms are an important part of industrial climate control systems. In medical settings, these rooms prevent the spread of infectious contaminants and maintain sterile or restricted spaces and are also referred to as Protective Environments (positive pressure rooms) and Airborne Infection Isolation Rooms (AIIR) (negative pressure rooms).

Positive Pressurization Unit (PPU) | PurafilThe PPU is self-contained, air scrubbing systems designed to provide pressurized and/or recirculated air, free of corrosive gases. It is ideal for removing air contaminants from controlled environments containing sensitive computer

Establishment of the key Technical Indicators of Positive  · The key technical indicators of positive pressure protective clothing refer mainly to the series of standards issued by ISO, ASTM, and CEN (Table 1, Table 2, Table 3). In 1994, the : Limei Hao, Zongxing Zhang, Ying Yi, Jiancheng Qi, Yongyun Zhou, Jinhui Wu

Protective Clothing | Glazing | Products | Bohle Ltd. - UKGlazing - this term covers a wide spectrum of activities related to working with glass, windows and frames. This begins with cutting, assembly of panes and windows as well as the required