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is valid for one month | English examples in context | Ludwig · Sentence examples for. is valid for one month. from inspiring English sources. A tourist card is valid for one month and costs £15 from the Cuban consulate. Each is valid for one visit to the museum for the student and family. The Man Card is valid for one year. We imposed a 12-month washout period because Swedish prescriptions are valid for

Proline Clothing & Safety Wear | Protective ClothingProtective Clothing. Corporate Clothing, Uniforms, Safety Wear and Corporate Gifts. Contact Us. Phone +27 79 709 7111. Email. [email protected]. Office. Pretoria. Hours. 8am – 5pm. Proline Clothing & Safety Wear About Proline Clothing. Prices are valid for

Protective Textiles Introduction | Textile Study Center · Protective textile is one kind of technical textile which provides some protective functions like heat protection, ballistic protection, hazardous chemical protection, cold protection etc. Protective textiles can be used for followings: 1 . Heat & flame resistant clothing: People whose are working in welding or moulding factories that

Protective clothing against chemical and biological hazardsProtective clothing against biological hazards may be needed in microbiological laboratories, biotechnological production, waste treatment, In the selection of the protective clothing, one should be note that the efficacy offered by the protection class 1 is not very high. The larger the number of the protection class, the better is the

valid for one month. - – Linguee"valid for one month." – 8。 ,, ,、 , 。