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ISO - ISO 6529:2013 - Protective clothing — Protection Protective clothing — Protection against chemicals — Determination of resistance of protective clothing materials to permeation by liquids and gases. A standard is reviewed every 5 years Stage: 90.92 (To be revised) 00. Preliminary. 10. Proposal. 10.99 . New project approved. 20. Preparatory. 30. Committee.

EN 469 - Protective clothing for fire fighting | Scandia Gear  · EN 469:2005 - Protective clothing for firefighters - Performance requirements for protective clothing for firefighting. (EN 469:2005 supersedes EN 469:1995, EN 469:2006 and will be replaced by EN 469:2015 Development.) This EU standard specifies the minimum performance requirements for protective clothing worn during firefighting operations and

ISO 13688:2013(en), Protective clothing ? General a) Chromium VI content in leather clothing shall not exceed 3 mg/kg according to ISO 17075. b) All metallic materials which could come into prolonged contact with the skin (e.g. studs, fittings) shall have a release of nickel of less than 0,5 µg/cm 2 per week. The method of test shall be according to EN 1811.

EN 13982 - Protective Clothing for use against Solid  · EN 13982-1:2004 - Protective clothing for use against solid particulates - Part 1: Performance requirements for chemical protective clothing that provides full-body protection against airborne solid particulates (type 5 clothing) (EN 13982-1:2004 supersedes EN 13982-1:2000 Development.)

-:Standard on Protective Clothing for Emergency Medical Operations ANSI/AAMI PB70-2012

Protective Clothing | BSI South AfricaProtective Clothing Standards BS EN 464: 1994 Protection against liquid and gaseous chemicals, including aerosols and solid particles. BS EN ISO 15025: 2002 Protective clothing against heat and flame. BS EN 14605: 2005 Protection against chemicals with spray tight connections (Type 4

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Standard on Flame-Resistant Clothing for Protection ofStandard on Flame-Resistant Clothing for Protection of Industrial Personnel Against Short-Duration Thermal Exposures from Fire. Essential for manufacturers and certifying agencies, this standard protects workers from flash fire exposure and injury by specifying performance requirements and test methods for flame-resistant fabric and garments.

[PDF]EN 14126 Certified Protective Clothing to Protect  · body fluids contact on your clothing. The higher class present the higher protection level for a protective clothing. The size of the COVID-19 virus is approximately 0.125 microns.