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Drilling wear and troubleshooting - Sandvik CoromantCheck alignment on lathe. Rotate drill 180 degrees. Try a tougher geometry on the peripheral side (keep centre insert) Undersized holes. Rotating drill. Increase coolant flow, clean filter, clear coolant holes in drill. Try a tougher geometry on the centre side and a light cutting geometry on the peripheral side. Non-rotating drill.

Drill Training | Encyclopedia.com2  · Drill Training. Drills and training were an integral part of Civil War military life, especially in the opening year of the conflict when both North and South were seeking to mobilize armies out of their respective civilian populations. Neither side distinguished itself in this regard, in part because each army was saddled with a large number of inexperienced officers who knew little or

[PDF]Wearing Hearing Protection Properly - Centers for  · 4. Decide how (either group or individual) and where (either company training facility or at the drill site) you want to use the training aid with your employees. • Have each person take the pretest found in appendix A. Be sure to read the directions carefully before beginning the pretest. • Give each person a reel and 3-D viewer.