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High Temperature Protective Apparel (NXP) | Newtex2  · The Newtex Extreme Protective (NXP) line features high temperature protective clothing including high temperature gloves, proximity suits, fire entry suits, and aluminized clothing

Blood pressure and heart rate responses in volunteer  · The dangerous conditions in which firefighters find themselves during emergency situations necessitate that firefighters' wear protective clothing and rescue equipment that is heavy and insulated

Considerations for Selecting Protective Clothing | NPPTLThese include isolation gowns, surgical gowns, and coveralls. When selecting the most appropriate protective clothing, employers should consider all of the available information on Respirator Approval Program · Certified Equipment List · International Assessment Results

How Tight Clothing & Long Sleeves Affect Blood PressureTight clothing or a tightly rolled up sleeve can cause discomfort and a tourniquet affect which can adversely affect blood pressure higher. A blood pressure cuff wrapped over clothing has been :8