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Practice and technique of using face mask amongst adults  · Background The proper use of face mask comprises the correct practice and wearing technique and is important in preventing the spread of respiratory infections. Previous studies have addressed only the aspect of practice and failed to provide a detailed account of face mask usage amongst community-based populations. This study examined the practice and

Precautions For Wearing And Taking Off Protective Clothing · 8. After wearing the protective clothing, you can use the above three actions (raise your arms, bend over, squat) to check whether the protective clothing is properly selected and

Standard video of wearing and taking off protective clothing · 04、Wear protective clothing. Take protective clothing, pay attention to avoid contact with the ground, and check the validity period and integrity. Open the zipper, put on the lower

Guidance on Personal Protective Equipment The key to safely wearing PPE is consistent and correct use reinforced by repeated training and practice. refer to technical document “Considerations for Selecting Protective Clothing used in Healthcare for Protection Against