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What is UPF and Why is Sun Protective Clothing So  · Be cautious of any clothing brand that lists a rating greater than 50. Neither of those are accurate or official ratings for fabrics. Maximum rating is currently 50+ Coolibar offers the highest rated sun protection clothing; Watch out for brands claiming ratings above 50 ; UPF Washes Out of Some Brands. UPF can wash out.

What Are the Brands of Radiation Protective Clothing For · What are the brands of radiation protective clothing for pregnant women? One of the top ten brands of radiation protection clothing for pregnant women: Italy Jingqi radiation

Best UV Sun Protective Clothing Brands for Women: : Nadine Rich:4 The clothes are stylish, sensible, and well-fitted. The brand has won multiple awards and was given the skin cancer seal of recommendations. 3. Solbari: Being the leading sun protective

Functional Clothing: The Next A Buzzword in the Fashion  · Protective clothing (Protech). Sports clothing (Sporttech). Function apparel in fashion is going to give critical market advantages to the fashion brands and retailers. Actually ‘Functional Clothing’ is the term that binds our fashion awareness, style and design distinguishing with necessary function of protection and also product life