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What Clothing Materials Cannot Be Ironed? | My Butler  · Firstly, check the recommended ironing instructions on your clothing’s label. If the label is missing, iron on high heat using a damp towel. If it is dry, use a spray bottle to pre-moisten for perfect results. Wool. If you are on the lookout for fabrics that don’t have to be ironed during winter, this is probably the perfect choice.

Minimize Heat Stress With the Right Protective Clothing · During the summer, heat stress can be a real concern when employees are wearing industrial clothing, personal protective equipment (PPE), or work uniforms. If this gear is not

Why Wearing Neat Uniform Is Important For Inspire Customer Confidence. For many customers, seeing a clean and neatly groomed server asking for their food order and then serving them inspires more confidence in regards to the establishment. Uniforms make employees and